Not sure about web standards

All you need to understand about web standards is that by designing and building web sites with these standards simplifies and lowers the cost of production, while delivering sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices. Sites developed along these lines will continue to function correctly as traditional desktop browsers evolve, and as new Internet devices come to market.

  • What about accessibility

    "Accessibility means that anyone using any kind of web browsing technology must be able to visit any site and get a full and complete understanding of the information contained there, as well as have the full and complete ability to interact with the site." - Chuck Letourneau

  • Website Design using web standards

    We use web standards as the foundation to every web design project. By developing and designing in this way we can ensure the best usability and accessibility on every project. Visitors like disabled people, Mac users, and mobile phone users need sites to be as accessible as possible. Why do you need a website built using web standards:

  • Web standards make your look good

    Websites built using web standards combined with best practices for accessibility, will let everyone know your company has taken steps to ensure good accessibility for everyone, and also show that you think it is important that everybody can use your online services or find information about your products.

  • Maximising your potential visitors

    You can't be sure which device visitors will use to access your site. By using web standards properly you are making sure your website can be accessed from the largest possible number of browsing devices.

  • Your website will load Faster

    Code that separates structure and content from presentation is generally much more compact than table and spacer image based websites. Your users will not wait long for your website to load.

  • Better accessibility

    People with disabilities also use a number of different screen readers and tools to access the web. By using current web standards, you can ensure that your web pages will reach the widest possible audience.

  • Higher search engine rankings

    Clean well written content and simple structured semantic mark-up will help your search engine rankings. A higher search engine ranking will mean more people getting to see your website.

  • Future proof content

    Websites that separate content from presentation and use current web standards, have the best chance of ensuring their websites long life. As new technology and browsers are released websites that use web standards will still be readable.